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We live in an age where threats are all around us, sometimes they exist here in our community.  Headlines break the news and we listen in disbelief thinking, "That couldn't happen here."  But it can, and you need security and protection you can trust from Immanuel Security.  Specializing in discreet armed security and threat response consultation.  Immanuel Security observes and assesses the threat and formulates a security plan to counter the threat.  



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Discreet Armed Security

We provide discreet or uniformed security and protection services.

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Concealed Weapons

Our classes are taught by Kane Fischer, an NRA certified instructor and State of Montana certified firearms instructor. We provide classroom and range instruction. Classes are limited to small groups so that we are able to provide individualized training.


Our classes include specialized  instruction for security professionals including: cooperation with law enforcement, use of force continuum, emergency procedures, crisis intervention, verbal de-escalation and other important topics. 

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Immanuel Security, LLC observes and assesses the threat and formulates a security plan to counter the threat. 

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Sometimes, some of us are in uniform in open view, some of us are in plain clothes in the crowd...watching...

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Immanuel Security, LLC takes pride in providing customized security, protection and training services. Keeping people safe is our number one priority. Our training includes teaching people how to defend themselves safely and responsibly.

Core Values

Our faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of our company. We treat each client and employee with integrity and respect and serve others with excellence in all we do. 


To keep people safe and secure by providing quality, customized and discreet or uniformed armed security and protection services. 



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For any inquiries, questions or comments, please call: (406) 479-4131 or fill out the following form.

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